Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween is now over ... till next year

Well we had a pretty cool Halloween. Maybe a bit low key for some people, but we all had a blast. Boo got to wear his costume a couple times and we did several different events.

Thursday we did our Mom's Club party. Had a carnival type theme set up where all the kids got to play games and win prizes. Everyone came in costume or "halloween" themed and the kids had a blast. Boo came home with a TON of stuff.

Friday we went over to a local park that does a "spook free" thing for toddlers/ pre-school kids, this year is was Dr. Suess themed. That was nice, but PACKED. Hubby got to go with us and took tons of pics of Boo in his Dallas Stars jersey playing all the games. They handed out goody bags - so more stuff (not as much candy, he got a book and noisy maker things)

Then Friday night we turned on the "spider lights" got all dressed up as "Buzz Lightyear" and headed out into the neighborhood. My child won't just say "trick or treat" on no! It's a rousing shout of "TRICK OR TREAT TIME NOW!!" at ever door. Fortunately everyone thought he was adorable and tried to make him take 2-3 pieces of candy or treats! We have a cool neighborhood - and that was only around the back of our block!! Maybe next year we'll venture out a bit more.

We didn't get too many at our house - we live a bit back off the main street so just really a few kids that live in right around us. We did have a couple that looked like their parents were just driving around - but the more candy i get rid of the better! Felt bad cause one little girl was terrified of the spider lights (they're all different colors - obviously fake) but i guess that and all the webbing in the yard had her freaked.

Guess we just got lucky. Boo thinks all the Halloween stuff is funny. doesn't matter how gruesome or icky it's supposed to be - he laughs at it. He loves all the stuff that makes "creepy" noises and thinks all skeleton items are "pirates". I'm thankful for that!

Today we hit some stores for clearance items to add to next years decor. Target didn't have much left - but i finally got my "witch hat" lights and a cool skeleton door mat along with ghost candles.

At Party City i got some hanging ghosts and new plastic "fencing" to add to my little "garden area" up front. This one has spiders on it - it'll go well with the jack o lanterns (especially since a couple of those broke) We'll have some fun next year.

And so it goes - but you can never start planning too early!

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I didn't get a whole lot at the after sales this year either but I had specific things in mind so that limited my search.