Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Birthday Party Planning

Ok - so since it's less than 3 months away i figured i should probably get on the ball and start planning SOMETHING for Boo's 4th birthday. I've been a mudge with birthday's so far, last year was his first real "party" and we did "Cars" per his request with his playgroup friends at an indoor playscape. It went over well - i did a few decorations and a cookie cake thing since he doesn't like cake. Everyone sang and the mom's got to hang out and have some chat time since the place takes care of the entertainment.

That's right folks, his 3rd birthday was the first time he had an actual party. His first we were at the ranch so it was daddy, mommy and baby. Yes, there were gifts and pictures and we sang. but no cake. His second we were at my IL - they had gifts and my FIL got him a huge "Cars" cake. He screamed bloody murder when we tried to get him to take a bite. He hated the cake, the icing, the whole singing thing. All he really wanted was the car off the cake. I'm horrible i know - but like he's gonna remember, right?

I think i'll do a different indoor playscape this year -a jumpy bouncy place- since it's in mid January and the weather can be so iffy. Most of the kids he knows and that will come are from his playgroup anyway and most of them really like places like that - and it helps with the entertainment factor again (since all the kiddos can run wild before and after the actual party) I looked into it last year and it's not terribly expensive per kid.

Ok - so firetrucks are this year's requested theme. He saw them at the party store while we were looking for Halloween stuff and i think the whole idea stems from the firetruck shaped straw cups. I can live with firetrucks, lots of red and blue. Very little boy - and no "super hero" stuff so far. Here's what i've looked up so far:

as favors:

Fireman badges:[img]http://www.partycity.com/images/full/products-new/174232.jpg[/img]

Fireman hats:[img]http://www.partycity.com/images/full/products-new/174249.jpg[/img]

straw cups Boo fell in love with - kinda started the whole thing:[img]http://www.partycity.com/images/full/products-new/174230.jpg[/img]



candles- will depend on the typ of cake i get - may do the cookie thing again or brownies since my child doesn't like cake - maybe an ice cream cake or cupcakes? may be easier for kids to just grab a cupcake. plus i can bake, frost and decorate those myself with little topper that could be part of the favors. something like:


more candles

favor boxes:[img]http://images.birthdayexpress.com/bexpress/assets/thumbnails/E2412FB.jpg[/img]

found some balloons:





fell in love with these plates (for the kids / cake - then i'd have additional blue and red plain ones for food):[img]http://party-supplies-mall.makesparties.com/images/ProductImages/CE42-1771.jpg[/img]

these as additional cups maybe (to go along with the straw ones as favors[img]http://images.birthdayexpress.com/bexpress/assets/thumbnails/E2412CU.jpg[/img]

think i'll hit up Party City here in town and see if they have the balloons or can order them for me so it would be less expensive. All i have to do now is hope he doesn't change his mind before January.


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