Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I want to read it, but....

It's very unusual for a new book to go unread in this house - at least by me. I bought this book almost a year ago and have never opened it - i'm sitting and staring at it now knowing that i SHOULD read it and that i NEED to read it. I just can't quite pick it up and open it.

It's called "Protecting the Gift" and it's a guide for parents in how to teach children of all ages how to stay safe from people that may want to do them harm. I've had several parents recommend it - but i haven't been able to start reading it yet.


Because by not reading it i can keep Boo safe in my own bubble. I don't have to admit to him that there's bad people out there that would hurt him. It takes something from his childhood and innocence by having him know this. But he needs to know - he needs to know how to be safe and stay safe and how to recognize people and situations that aren't. I just hate it. I hate knowing that pretty soon he'll be in school and around people i don't know. That i can't watch everything from around the corner and know immediately when something's wrong and fix it.

It breaks my heart to have to tell him these things. But at the same time - i can't be the suffocating mom that won't let her child out of her sight even when he turns 16. I know there has to be a balance, knowledge and trust. I just wish it didn't have to start so soon.


Raven said...

I don't think you have to read it yet. You still have some time honey.

It does get easier and honestly you figure things out as time goes on (your child will let you know what they are ready to know and process)...I never did have a formal "bad touching" conversation with the sprog...and I don't think I need to, he tells me EVERYTHING, so I know he would tell me that too.

Boo's Mommy said...

i know - keeping that communication open is so important - you've done an awesome job doing that with him. we're trying so hard with Boo - but sometimes i think we scare him and i never want to intimidate him into not trusting us or being afraid to talk to us.

such a fine line.