Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Welcome home Nemo

At some point today i lost my mind and broke one of my house rules - i brought something into the house that poohs and requires care and maintenance. However, if memory serves me correctly, such care is minimal so it should work out ok.

We are now the proud fish parents to a blue and red beta fish named .... you guessed it, "Nemo". Yes - very original, however since the three year old of the house named him, well let it pass for now.

Nemo is now all set up in a pretty bowl with rocks, water conditioner and food. He's happily swimming in circles, contented that he's no longer bouncing around the lap of said three year old, his little cup being shoved into the face of everyone passing us in the pet store.

I had my last beta (named "BOB") while i was till working. He had a little bowl on my desk and livened up the joint a bit. Made me smile to see him when i'd get to work. Bob was my faithful companion for several months - probably close to a year, until a fateful bowl cleaning accident left him scarred and burned.

Yes folks - i accidentally killed Bob. Let us not forget that i am blonde and thus easily distracted. While rinsing his bowl one morning someone started talking to me and before i knew it i had put Bob back into the bowl and started adding hot water to it - instead of the cool tap water i normally used. Bob didn't fare well. I felt horrible - and from that day on was known as the office fish killer.

Anyway - hopefully Mr. Nemo won't suffer a similar fate. He's already put a huge smile on Boo's face and purchasing him took up a large portion of our after nap afternoon time - something i'm always thankful for. Plus he looks pretty cool on top of the kitchen bar, smiling at me while i do the dishes.

Welcome home Nemo.


Raven said...

Awww yay! I miss my fish.

April said...

Awwww that's so cute!