Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's almost "that" time of year again!

... and for once i don't mean Halloween or Christmas - it's fall, and that means FOOTBALL and HOCKEY!

I don't know quite how it happened, but within the last few years i've become a sports fan. i watch even when hubby's not home, just cause i want to. I watch baseball playoffs (Chicago and Houston) football (Chicago and Dallas - Longhorns if it's actually televised free) and hockey (again, Chicago and Dallas) and get irritated if we're not home to see at least the end of a game. Last year we splurged - we got the "Center Ice" hockey package from our local cable provider so we could watch more games. Insane - i know.

I've always had a passing interest in sports - but no one in my family watched or participated so it wasn't a big thing. I'm a complete clutz and the world's most UN-athletic person so i never played / had a big interest in school. Plus there was that whole being raised to be a young lady aspect my mom had - it was ballet lessons and orchestra for me - which was probably safer for everyone anyway.

As i hit my 20's and hung out with lots of different people - the games were on quite often as the guys would watch / yell / curse and cheer and the women would roll their eyes and pass out more food and beverages. I started picking up bits and pieces of what was going on. I invited myself along to a couple hockey outings and then the place i was working started going to the local ice rink and baseball fields for games as team builders and outings. It was always fun - but i was usually lost in the details.

Then i met hubby - here was a guy that would actually EXPLAIN what was going on, answer all my inane questions and never get frustrated with me for interrupting. We watch together most of the time - but i am the "cool office wife" since i've been know to email him Stars scores during business dinners. For my birthday last year he took me to Dallas for the last Stars home game - the were playing the Blackhawks!! We were 8 rows behind the Blackhawks benches - it was awesome.

This year we have put down our deposit for season tickets to the Stars franchise team that will be housed in Ceader Park - very very excited! it'll be their first year here and we'll get pick of seats for season tickets. we went in with some friends so there will be someone to hang out with as well. And i'll have somewhere to wear my jersey - as will hubby.

I can't wait to take Boo - my little sports nut. The kid obviously got his daddy's sports genes cause he can pitch a baseball, hit a ball, pass a football, dribble and make baskets with a basket ball and putt a golfball. Oh - and he's my little soccer star too - the kid could throw a ball before he could sit up on his own.

So, just another little eclectic thing about me.


Raven said...

I love Hockey but only if I can watch it in person. I am really a "sports in person" person. I have a hard time keeping interested with sports on tv, but if I'm at a game (any game) I'll get into it.

Jennifer said...

Boo sounds like my brother. I'm excited about my Evan's ball games, whatever ball they may be.

Susan said...

Found your blog. Now you have to come update more!